Friday, October 16, 2009

Savings Tally:

I needed to get some toilet paper so had to spend more than I saved as I needed it....just can't live without toilet paper.

Spent: 2.76
Saved: 2.00

YTD spending: $167.87
YTD SAVING: $305.44
Weekly Average Grocery Spending: $41.97
(Started Sept 20)


Louisiana Laura said...

OK, all this homeschooling is throwing off my couponing. Must get my priorities straight! Ha-
Also, there is a recipe on the back of my self-rising flour bag, for apples & plums. I'm going to try it TOMORROW! Your bread was just too much to not inspire me to get out my rolling pin!
I want to move to a farm too! I want chickens! Can't wait to see your posts after you've gotten into AVM... loved it. loved it.

Louisiana Laura said...

I'm headed to buy tp also, and diapers, (How does a mom run out of these 2 things on the same day!?)but I have my coupon plan!

Andy's Bethy said...

Question, does your total include fresh produce and dairy products? Cause I don't see how you do that... I need to shop where you shop for produce, or else feed my kids less fresh fruit and veggies. I spend 15 to 20 a week on just fresh fruit and veggies, and I get it the cheapest place I have found in this town.
Also - made potato bread this week with a sweet potato instead of a regular one - DELICIOUS. (I also added a little cinnamon) Give it a try sometime.

The Unlikely Homeschooler said...

Yes Bethany it does. But I only buy what's on sale. So our great big fruit bowl each week varies what is in it. This week it's apples (a couple varieties), pomegranates, and bananas.