Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Oddly....a book review of sorts

okay I'm not much a 'reviewer' but this one is SO worth sharing! 

I'm ashamed to admit, I've never read Pilgrim's Progress, have you?  Seriously SURELY there are others out there that haven't...even though it has been  "with the exception of the Bible, read by more people than any other book in the English language."

 So a few months ago I looked it up at our local library, and was disappointed and shocked to see they don't carry a copy of it.  But last week I looked it up again for some reason....and came across this: 
"The Pilgrim's Progress Retold in Today's English" by James H. Thomas

I'm SO glad I did!  We are really enjoying it.  The best thing 8 yr old son who fights me on reading most of the time....LOVES it!!  He begs me to read more each day. 
We are all enjoying thoroughly the allegory symbolizing a Christian's walk through this world.
My kids have loved 'decoding' and putting into visual images the Bible stories they know well and the scriptures they've heard over and over! 

I have also learned the origin of the title for Vanity Fair Magazine. 
and am thankful I've never bought a copy.......just sayin'


mellison290 said...

How neat! Funny, you should trade notes with Mikey. He is reading about the Mayflower. I forget the name of the book but he is always telling me stories from it.

EmileeHope said...

I love that book!! We grew up reading it, and I even read it myself (I didn't like to read when I was young-there was always way to many other fun things to do or make to sit still and read!!) when I was young (an easy reader version) but I haven't read it again in my adult life and so that will have to go on my list to read list is getting a bit out of control!!

Patty said...

I will definitely add that to my wish list.

Laura at By the Bushel said...

So,,, there's more of us out there than I thought. I too, have never read this classic, and now I must-
Glad you brought it up. and can't wait to find out why I need to avoid VF.!
Hope all is well!

Laura at By the Bushel said...

p.s. I have this on my shelf, but not in the retold version, you said JM liked. Our library doesn't have right now..... so I'm on the search! To find this. I think Jack would really like too, and I've never read.
I am loving FIAR, and will tell more about those soon.- meantime, looking for this version you used.