Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentine's Surprise

I headed to Target for a grocery run as the snow began to fall!  I know I know I have the bread, milk, and eggs...but CHILI  I needed the ingredients for my new favorite chili (that MaryKyle makes...which makes it even better!!).  Granted I forgot 2 key ingredients.....really I did.  But it is also a nice convenient way for me to ask my sweet darling Valentine to run get them for he can sneak away and get me a sweet nothing note!!  See how that works?  Aren't I clever??  He'll go get the beans & then see all the pink, red, hearts, etc and say "oh yeah V'tine day is soon"...and pick up up a sweet little card!!  Yep...I'm clever that way to help him out!  Hey we girls do what we can for the men we love!

When I pulled in the driveway I was greeted by John Mark.  Cool....he was watching for me to come and help unload the groceries.  Made me smile and think "my kid is so awesome!".  Okay he is totally awesome, but he had no interest in grocery carrying.  He was the "guard dog" you see.  I was greeted with these endearing words
"DON'T COME IN THE KITCHEN!!!"  and then he ran back inside....


remember how I just went GROCERY SHOPPING???!!!
this could be a problem.

They quickly finished their surprise and called their Daddy down from his office upstairs.  What a treat!!!
 a surprise 'date' that had been prepared for my sweet Valentine and me right beside the sliding glass door so we could watch the snow fall together.
I mean there anything more romantic than watching snow fall??
And listening to your kids play?
Nope...I proclaim.....there isn't!

The mood was set....

and it was set WELL!!
All the hearts had sayings like "let it snow" "My heart" "XOXOX" and such  But when we saw  this one we laughed out loud.  Of course there is a story behind it.  But that's for another day

For a little of this

With fun decor and hot beverages
these are the kids valentine's they made this morning...aren't they smart to make them part of our surprise 'date' decor?!  yep they pretty much rock these kids of mine....they make me quite happy.  That sweet Valentine of mine does too.  And giddy.  Yep 15 years later he can still make my heart downright flutter!


mellison290 said...

ADORABLE!!!! Just love it! :)

Laura at By the Bushel said...

Precious, read this as my kids were swinging from the drapes... no jealousy, none, not at all, not me, no siree! haha.
so happy to such sweetness & joy - enjoy- you deserve it!

Grateful for Grace said...

Oh, my! That's adorable!!