Monday, February 1, 2010

There's no whining in housework

Just when I want to whine about this:


I remember I could have to do it like this:

and then I remember that laundry isn't so bad.  Funny thing is I actually enjoy doing laundry by hand. Now I've not had to do it that way every time ever.  But there is something about it that feels empowering. 
The picture above is my MaryKyle having her lesson a couple of years ago in how to do it correctly on a pila in Honduras. She LOVES doing laundry by hand.  Granted she's not had to do it that way in the dead of winter...or in the pouring rain when things won't dry out. 

Seriously how did the pioneer women accomplish everything they did in a day?  oh yes, no TV, email, facebook, blogs, etc....
I have the utmost respect and admiration for them!! 

(but those of you who read this and know about Honduras will appreciate my 'gringo' son in the background, dipping his hand pila....sigh....I wasn't there & our Honduran friends didn't correct him.  he's since been taught that is a no-no!!)


Laura at By the Bushel said...

Great reminder... !
I went a little blog nuts this morning. There is so much out there, & my use of time made me realize I need a blog fast!
I thought about this today too. How did women do it? Oh yes, they didn't have so many time absorbing tools. That take away from face to face w/ kids, friends & family.
There is so much good, like seeing pictures that inspire, but must be managed!
I did think about a clothes line today... the cooler weather is fooling me, I'm forgetting the humidity 9 months of the year...

Carrie said...

Here's what I always say about the pioneer women though: They had about 1/10 or less of the amount of clothes that we have!!!! And they wore them a LOT before they washed them, not just half a day or so, ha ha!

The Unlikely Homeschooler said...

HA HA!! So so true Carrie. I'm thinking I might should take that lesson from them. wow...if I had that many fewer clothes, AND had a washer....Now if society in the US would find it acceptable for me to wear the same thing over and over....hey one can dream, right?

Laura, get this, it's agaist our covenants in our n'hood to have a clothesline. Now wouldn't the pioneer women be puzzled by that?