Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Facebook's loss = Blogland's gain

Sorry I couldn't get it to go on facebook (a friend asked for a recipe suggestion...and FB was having issues_ so I decided this was the best way.  This is one of our family's FAVORITE meals....and the recipe has been shared with just about everyone who eats it because it's so yummy!!  It's one of those that looks really impressive, but isn't really that hard at all!!  My neighbor asked for a good easy recipe to impress her soon to be new inlaws a couple years back and this is what she made.  It's now their favorite company dish as well!!  Perfect with just some simple sides... like fruit salad and a veggie  (we like steamed fresh green beans)

(found the image here at Culinary Adventures of a New Wife.  Her recipe is different than mine, but overall the same idea, and she has another picture)

Chicken Bundle Recipe

4 chicken breasts cooked and cut up 

(you can even used canned chicken or leftover turkey after T'giving, etc)
1 stk margarine, melted
Pepperidge farm stuffing or seasoned bread crumbs
8 oz cream cheese, softened
Chopped celery * (optional...I don't add this)
Chopped onion *
Chopped water chestnuts *
2 cans pillsbury crescent rolls

* just add as much of these as you want  - probably around 1/2 cup or more

Mix together chicken, cream cheese, celery, onions, w.chestnuts.  Separate crescent rolls and roll each one thin (I just do this one at a time).  Place a small amount of chicken mixture in center of each roll (maybe it's about 1/4 cup).  "Bundle" the dough around the mixture. Just stretch each point of the crescent roll over the chicken and tuck it so that you end up with no holes.   Dip each bundle into melted margarine and roll in the crumbs or stuffing.  Bake at 350 til browned.

Bundles may be frozen separately, then placed in a freezer bag, taken out and baked as needed (no need to thaw)

As far as stuffing vs bread crumbs.  If I use stuffing then I generally crush it up a bit so that it will coat the 'bundle' well. But you don't have to do that.  Just makes it 'prettier'

UPDATE: Got this message from my friend that I originally tried to give this to over facebook

"The chicken bundles were a hit and super easy. Thanks again!"  HOORAY!!!


mlydawn said...

Thank you, Rachel!! Sounds yummy and not to difficult.

Laura at By the Bushel said...

can I just say, Yum...
I'm working on my grocery list & I'll be thinking about this for sure!
I'm struggling with making a menu- really. I haven't been doing grocerygame, just more than my little brain can manage, actually it's more computer time that I've not carved out?
I need to come to one of your seminars... really, home-ec major gone down...(that's me)
I'm shopping sales, really watching prices, and un-branding. Trying to limit extras and watching the one's we do buy. Any quick tips? Link me up, scottie!

Carrie said...

I have been making a very similar recipe to this for years, but this sounds like a fancy way to do it! AND YUM! My recipe is just roll up cooked chicken in crescent rolls and pour cream of whatever soup on top and sprinkle cheese over and bake. I may have to try this variation!

momluvs4kidz2000 said...

this looks yummy! (I found your blog from the eiditarod :-} ) I think my very very very picky 11yo might even eat it, yay! I'll let you know....

Amy @ said...

I've gotta try this one! YUMO! Thanks for sharing.