Thursday, January 7, 2010

Exciting events in Georgia today!!!

look closely....see anything AMAZING!!!??
Did you miss it?
Try this one....
And for those that still might have missed it...this one should do the trick
(edited to point out the above chunks of ice did not fall from the sky...only the snow dust....the ice was a 'school' experiment of John Mark's....he's been putting bowls of water out all week and watching how quickly they freeze - oh and then chopping them up with a hammer....he's a boy after all)
WHAT?? A dusting of snow isn't exciting to you?
Well here in Georgia, at least this part of Georgia, it's a pretty big deal!!
As in....wait for it....
schools are cancelled for tomorrow thanks to this.
And some were cancelled today for the 'threat of' this.
No, really!!!
My poor tortured homeschooled kids....'unsocialized' AND the stairs leading from our bedrooms to our living room and classroom never seem to ice or flood....
no inclement weather days here.
It's like the perfect day for my precious husband.
1)Snow. He grew up in L.A. (Lower Alabama) So this is a BIG deal!!
2) This in the oven:
We call it "Nuts and Bolts" but most would call it Chex Mix
3) and Alabama in the National Championship
'Chef's' Note: When making Chex mix and you all of a sudden realize that the new box of butter you thought you had & you don't and you borrow some from your sweet wonderful neighbor and all she has is salted butter, I suggest that you DON'T put the salt in the recipe that it calls for...and the seasoning salt...and the garlic salt. well you get the picture.
Yeah...heart attack in a roasting pan.
But hubby still loves it, and it helps me not eat it!!! So life is still good...just salty! Well, as long as he doesn't have a heart attack tonight watching this ballgame while eating nuts and bolts!!


Darla said...

yay for snow in Georgia! and sorry about the nuts and bolts. we call it trash here in Texas. haha. i used to homeschool my kids when they were younger like yours. those are some of my best memories and theirs too. take lots of pictures, i wish i had, most of those precious moments are only in my memory now. makes me sad, and its probably why i now am always trying to capture moments. you never know which ones are gonna be the 'special' memories until later. have a nice weekend.

The Unlikely Homeschooler said...

ha ha...what I grew up calling Trash most of my friend's call 'puppy chow' and it involves chocolate and peanut butter coated cereal coated in powdered sugar....
sigh...and now I'm craving it. Ha ha!! You are so right...we create memories on a regular basis around here. I need to be sure not to miss them!! THANK YOU Darla!!

Tricia said...

Here in NE, we are sick of seeing snow, complaining about the cold, and ready for spring. But my girls count themselves lucky because I can schedule snow days around our schedule and when the weather is warm enough to enjoy being outside and yet cold enough to not melt the snow. Even though the kids in public school are out for several days this week, it is too cold to play outside. I have promised my girls a snow day on Wednesday where they don't have to do school and can play outside all they want. The temperatures should be tolerable and all of the other kids will be back at school not able to enjoy the snow. Honestly, though, we are hoping the snow is gone or at least lessened when we return from GA mid February. Blessings to you and yours. Stay warm.

Andy's Bethy said...

It continues to crack me up how much the weather can vary from one end of the state to another. Mom was telling me about the snow flurries up there on ya'lls end, and down here we were having a picnic outside, with mid 50's. Crazy!
Looks like fun. We are supposed to get down in the lower 30's again later this week, but no snow for us. Just cold.
BTW, I made chex mix today too - but mine was a cinnamon, raisin, make it up as I go version. Yours looks good. I think I will have to make a salty one, after the sweet one is gone.

The Unlikely Homeschooler said...

YUMMY....that sounds so good! Makes me want a sweet one now. there used to be a lady in town that owned a little used book store and she would experiment with all different flavors tossing stuff together....YUM!! They were so good!! I need to learn to make a good sweet one....craisins sound good to me....hmm....might have to get to work!! :-)