Wednesday, January 13, 2010

This is what I was invited to this morning....


My two fabulous children prepared b'fast and the table all by themselves.
(okay MK did come and ask me the substitution for Self Rising Flour for the
all purpose that we had...but other than that....)


No arguing!

I wasn't allowed to come downstairs til it was all ready.  Daddy was gone to a meeting.

AND.....John Mark insisted on washing all the dishes afterward.

Did I mention how much I ADORE these kids of mine?  
(and how spoiled I am)


WHAT?!!? you don't eat clementine and Zucchini salad for b'fast? 
oh, not at all?
Well MK scoffed at John Mark's culinary addition to our meal, til she tried it.  And she decided he was on to something.  I discovered there was no zucchini in the salad....instead it was cucumber.  oops! 
That was school lesson #1 for my kids.

No worries.  They pulled out a zucchini and ate it for lunch.  It's their new favorite food.


Patty said...

You have some really good, creative children at your house. I'm jealous. All I ever got was burnt offerings in bed, like the toast, the eggs, the coffee. Of course, like all mommies, I like burnt offerings. I like being someone's idol. Still using the good china, I see. I'm going to try that, when it gets here.

BTW, check out the Miami Herald's Cook's Corner for yesterday. They had several recipes for zucchini that were easy and sounded good.

The Unlikely Homeschooler said...

hey Patty!! Thanks for the info on the recipes!!
It's true I feel very blessed (and I've had some pretty interesting concoctions in lieu of the burnt stuff...I think I'd prefer burnt sometimes!) MK learned to make pancakes a couple summers ago in Honduras. They both started cooking more there because the stove was the perfect height for them! ha ha! now they love to feel independent and do things for themselves...and us!! It's wonderful!!!

Laurie said...

What a beautiful table! And your family seems beautiful in heart as well as in pics, too. Enjoy these years with those beautiful kids. And eat the salad!

Andy's Bethy said...

I will have to try that salad - by kids love zucchini and clementines - why not together, right?
Although, they might actually prefer cucumbers... they are one of their favorite foods!
Looks like a wonderful breakfast.