Sunday, January 3, 2010

My kids are "Famous" well at least they think so...

This is my Brother in Law (sorry, you can't have him, but by the end of this post you'll probably wish you could be related to him too)
He's a great gift giver. (Is that proper English....probably not, but I've never claimed to be proper) But seriously, the thought this man puts into gifts is amazing! I wish I had such talent.
PhotobucketEarlier this year, the kids and I were heading for a quick visit to Nashville - like nearly over night. He called me and asked if, while we were there, he could sneak my kids away and take them to a recording studio. What, huh? Seriously? a WHAT? People I know don't generally just hang out in recording studios.

Well, turns out he had been working on this huge surprise for my sister and their kids. He was recording some of their favorite songs. Oh did I mention he can sing? oh yeah and paint (remember this?), cook, woodwork, plumbing, remodel, teach Bible class, design buildings (he's an architect), etc....yeah he's cool that way! (see how blessed we are to have him in the family?!!)
So back to our story.He wanted some children his kids knew as backup to make it even more of a personal touch for his kids. So, we were sworn to secrecy and he whisked my kids away for a fun afternoon at a recording studio. They had a blast!!
The finished CD was a huge surprise slipped into the kid's Easter baskets this year...yeah I challenge you to put that much thought and effort into your kid's Easter basket presents! My poor kids are stuck with jelly beans and chocolate eggs (oh the therapy that will be required). Their kids got a CD complete with awesome cover, shrink wrap, etc!

The coolest part after tons of awesome feedback from family, friends and clients who heard's just made it onto ITUNES (and CD baby read the reviews there)! Because really, it's awesome!! My kids are quite convinced they are famous (shh don't tell them any different). He happens to be friends with real back-up singers (he lives in N'ville after all) who assist my kids on the album - like how I put that? hee hee. But really you can hear my kids singing back up in two songs on his album; PollyWog in a Bog (they are the "Jump Jump" and "Stump Stump") and Puff the Magic Dragon.
The album is SO fun. It's the perfect bedtime or car CD because it's just an original mix of great songs. So I encourage all 3 of you that read my little blog here to head over to itunes and check it out. That's the cover picture above (oh yeah did I mention that he's an amazing photographer too...and that's my sweet niece and nephew when they woke up one morning...sitting together just like he and his big sister did when they were little, watching Sesame Street!!) Thus the title of the Album "My Big Sister" too sweet!! Love those kids!!

what's your favorite kid's song?
I have to say I think mine is now Pollywog in a Bog. The chorus is too cute (which you can't hear on the little cut of the song on itunes sorry you'll have to buy it)!! My hubby's new one is My Big Sister...he cracks up every time it comes on!! But my tried and true song my Mommy sang me to sleep with and I have sung to my kids since their appearance on this earth is I See the Moon! LOVE IT (and it's on the sister sings it to her kiddos too you see)!!!
ANYWAY...head over to itunes and check out "My Big Sister" By Brian Oliver so my kids can feel even more 'famous'!

edited to add: and when you go to the album on itunes be sure to read my BIL's write up in the reviews!! I just did and I loved reading all about it and the sweet way he made my kids feel special by what he wrote about them!!! Yep....they are blessed to have him as an uncle for sure!!


Brian Oliver said...

Ok, that is too awesome!

Wow what a review, I need to carry you around with me to pump me up!

I know LB is thinking, "Ok, I'll have to sleep in the spare room for a few days, because Brian will be taking up the entire bed with his big head.

Thanks for the review!

Laura at By the Bushel said...

1st... we're home in br, and 2nd, LOVE THE NEW BLOG PAGE, and 3rd, ... this is super cool, can't wait to click over and listen to these tunes, and 4th, it will happen, a great face to face visit. so glad we got to visit Sunday. Only made me so much more happy your my friend. :)
Music tomorrow, LBc Tuesday, and Spaghetti dinner Wed... Yes, we're back into our routine, and the week hasn't even started! lol- Have a super 1st official week of New Years! Laura

The Unlikely Homeschooler said...

ha ha Brian you know after a day or two you'd be ready to throw me back to Georgia!! But know that I love you and think you are pretty great...and talented...and the perfect match for my sister!!

still sad, but thankful that we did have a bit of time and I really look forward to the next!! Yes I was still at home today and took some time and worked on our plans/goals for January! Can't wait to get started!!! to keep the energy up!

Darla said...

YaY! SO cool! my kids do music and we were able to visit Nashville this much fun. we attended the GMA week for christian artists, it's in my April 09 archives. i wonder if your brother in law knows Brian Mayes? he was my daughters publicist while we were there and i have found out that lots of people know each other in Nashville, ha! i loved it there.