Wednesday, January 6, 2010

not just another video game

Yeah....forget that 'game' part. Clearly not a game. Nope no way. It will help you discover muscles you never knew you had. And unless you can compare your fitness level to the likes of a Flo Jo....don't start with the high intensity workout - just sayin'
(consider yourself warned).
It is 'fun' as workouts go. But don't let the fact that you are 'playing' on a 'video game' console fool you. It's work. And you will be sore.
And guess's open 24hrs, no contracts and no monthly fees!
AND my house doesn't smell like a sweat locker....

not sure that stinky dog with a skin infection smell is any better though
sigh...who decided to give in & keep this stray

1 comment:

Laura at By the Bushel said...

you go girl... I'm holding out. :)
did you get your 'prize' yet? Can't wait to hear what you won!