Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Very Merry UNBirthday!!

When my husband decided it was just downright hysterical to change his birthday regularly on facebook so he got birthday wishes every 2 months (I've always said he was wonderful....not necessarily sane), the kiddos and I decided that we would throw him a surprise UNBirthday party.  Since he obviously was in need of some extra attention....or therapy...we're still undecided.  But since it was all of our UNBirthdays each of us were sung to and blew out a candle....whenever in the meal we chose to light our candle!  

"Twinkle, twinkle, little bat!
How I wonder what you're at!
Up above the world you fly,
Like a teatray in the sky."

Madhatter hats were a must

We had a guest...nope her name wasn't Alice...but she was just as sweet and beautiful!
I'm pretty sure she thought we were NUTS and sadly she was too young to enjoy the goodies.
She opted for butternut squash instead....hmmm....perhaps I should take a lesson from her and forego cheesecake for butternut squash?
YEAH RIGHT (now that WOULD be Wonderland)!!

Yummy food (notice Alice in Wonderland in the background - we found the UNBirthday scene on YouTube for our 'mood music')
We had fruit, veggies, cheese and crackers, hummus & tortilla chips, cucumber sandwiches, mini-peanut butter and jelly, and 3 types of mini- cheesecakes....that we shared the leftovers of with a few neighbors and wished them Happy UNBirthday as well
(and thanked them for saving our waists...just a bit)

If today happens to be your Birthday.....HAPPY BIRTHDAY
But it's more likely your
HAPPY UNBirthday to you!!! 
Now go put a candle in a cake, or your ham sandwich, or leftover lasagna...who cares??
Blow it out and celebrate the day!!  It's worth celebrating after all....
This is the day the Lord has made!!


Andy's Bethy said...

What a fabulous idea! I may have to steal it sometime soon. And those berries look absolutely fabulous - I am definitely going to have to add them to my shopping list this week, no matter if they are on sale or note. Definite craving going on now!
A Very Merry Un-Birthday to you all, and many more to come.

Darla said...

i agree wholeheartedly with unbirthdays, we have had one of those here as well. any day on earth spent together is a day to celebrate. looks like fun! you had some great food too, made me hungry.

EmileeHope said...

Sooooooo cute! Love it!

Tricia said...

Looks like so much fun!

The Unlikely Homeschooler said...

Thanks Ladies. It was a lot of fun actually. The kids had SO much fun decorating and getting ready for the surprise!! I was amazed at how hard they worked!! So fun!!