Thursday, July 8, 2010

Anyone in the N'ville area?!

My friend, Amy, over at CRAFTY MOMMY MADNESS is having a fun contest.  So many of my relatives and friends are in the N'ville area so I thought I'd share this with any of you.  Please be sure to pass it on because this is a great and fun contest for sure!!

The new Peek-a-boo Playtown opens this weekend in Cool Springs (My friend Amy designed their adorable logo above!  She's awesome that way!).  They are going to have lots of fun for sure it sounds like. Definitely something that would be a fun day for the kiddos with lots of activities and giveaways.  A great activity on a hot summer day so kids aren't whining that they are hot, etc!!

Amy is giving away 2 open play passes for either location and a t-shirt (you even get to pick the color and size).  The Contest ends July 9th at 6 pm Nashville time.  So be sure to get over there!!

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Crafty Mommy Madness said...

You are SUPER sweet. Thanks so much for the help getting this out.