Tuesday, July 20, 2010

our life a few weeks ago

I'm presently curled up on my couch in my living room.  
I was wondering what to blog about.  And it hit me just a SHORT few days ago my life was so different.  We miss it so much!! 
So I thought I'd give a short tour of our home in Honduras a few weeks ago....thanks to the Bilodeaus and the folks at Little Hands Big Hearts for allowing us to use of this space!

This is the kitchen.  Notice a few things are missing....like the kitchen sink!  
But there is a fridge...a REAL full-size FRIDGE with a FREEZER!!  You have NOOOO idea how exciting this was for us.  The last 2 summers we have not had such a treasure...or DRAWERS!!  
Oh yes this was luxury to us!!

But no worries about that missing sink....it's just in the bathroom!
Worked just fine.  Well til dishes would fall off the ledge behind the washer and MK was the only one that could fit to get under and through and get the fallen dishes!
Our functioning toilet is to the left of the sink.  There was another bathroom with a functioning shower.

Here's the stove.  No oven.  but I had use of the oven in the
main building on the campus as long as it wasn't being used for something else.  It worked fine, except it was HOT...As in furnace HOT.  My friend Sara once put an oven thermometer in it to get an idea of the temp and at the lowest setting it maxed out the thermometer which I think was 450.
My Mother guessed that Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego might have been familiar with this oven.....seriously it was HOT!
I'm pretty certain my Honduran friends think I am a lousy cook because it's like learning to cook all over again as far as ingredients, pots, pans, ovens, stoves, etc etc.....ha ha ha!!

Here's our living room.  The couch is an old van seat.  the coffee table one of our travel trunks.  And you know what, it worked just fine!!

I'm missing the simplicity and tons of time together.
We read together for HOURS every day.  Or we crafted or just hung out together.
Too much to do and too much going on here to do that most days.

I miss it.  I miss being excited over a full size fridge and my kids LOVING the ice trays that provided our ice cubes.  I'm now of the opinion that everyone should own ice trays.   Otherwise how will you teach your kids how we made our own popsicles as kids, and oh the joy kids find in twisting to get their own ice cubes out??
Ice cube trays are now on our shopping list!!!


EmileeHope said...

It really is the simple things that we take for granted...but I agree that sometimes I miss the simple life, where every simple chore is so much harder and takes so much longer...and yet is a triumph when completed!
I tell myself I will be better about slowing down, and enjoying the simple things in life, but I always get too distracted and feel like I never have enough time for anything!! (Even saying hello to my neighbors!! -Howdy neighbor, Hope you're having a great day!!)

Sara said...

Wow, the old place looks good! I know it was never so CLEAN when we were there! And definately more cluttered too! I'm so glad it was a blessing for you. We have really enjoyed the pics. Brings back lots of memories! Some things I miss...some things I don't...like dropping dishes behind the washer! I know I broke a favorite mug back there and never fetched it out! To much work for useless shards!


Anonymous said...

I am suddenly feeling especially blessed this evening... And I think I will take the time to read another hour to the children tomorrow... And I think I'll go get some ice trays as well :)

Thanks for sharing,