Friday, July 16, 2010

no time to rest when life is so much fun!

Ack....PDA!!!!!  Shhhh...don't tell the counselors!

My sweet honey and I have spent the last week at church camp.  
We had just enough time to throw some clothes into wash when we got back in the country and headed off.....
are we a bit overprotective or what? 
 But we both loved church camp as kids and we wanted our kids to start creating those awesome memories too.  
Except we weren't quite ready to pack them up and walk away....
so off we went!!

My cabin of girls!

Me and my precious friend Ashleigh.  
we giggled til I nearly wet my pants just about every night.....well and all day too for that matter!
Such a blessing to serve as co-counselor with her!!
Not sure she'll have any desire to be around me for a while now....I'm guessing she might need a break.
She stayed in my house while we were gone to Honduras, then came over one of the nights before we left for camp (right when we got home from Honduras) and then spent the week in the bed next to mine.  
Yeah I'm thinking she'll need a good long break from me to recover from the insanity!

and no...I'm not sleeping yet or getting rest.  Some day soon I'm declaring a PJ day.  Might even put a sign on my front door that day....
"DAY OF REST.  Enter at your own risk, but do NOT ring the bell before 1pm.  Even then, don't expect us to be presentable...."
We have a full weekend this weekend as well.  Two extra kiddos who we love are here and we have an all day event tomorrow. 
Life is too much fun to slow down right now. 
I figure instead of whining, might as well smile big, laugh and enjoy the ride.....

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