Tuesday, December 30, 2008

a bit of our Christmas day fun

The traditional new PJ's and the reading of Twas the Night before Christmas
and Santa mouse before bed...they were super sleepy, this was taken around 11:30!

John Mark loved his new video camera. He documented everyone's every move all day long! he did a great job keeping his hand steady!

Yep...worth getting up at 3am on the day after T'giving
to get this 'doorbuster'

MaryKyle was completely overwhelmed with her "real sewing machine"she stopped opening presents immediately to call her ReMaw (Who is a talented seamstress)!

It was a good surprise! She had NO idea!

As is tradition (coming from both of our Mom's)we had cinnamon rolls in the shape of aChristmas tree...too bad the tradition isn't also that Mother must wear her PJ's and have no make-up on and her hair not be fixed!

I skipped the details this year...usually I do a star, etc but just wanted to get them in the oven and done since the kids slept so late (I know crazy huh?!) as I knew they'd be
super hungry

They webcam talked to ReMaw and Papa Gene & tried to show them everything they'd gotten!

MaryKyle put on a puppet show with her new theater
ReMaw made her and puppets they sent

John Mark filmed the entire thing
(Which is saying a lot since MK
doesn't do short shows)

and Sydney tried to find a safe place to snuggle,
away from the Christmas chaos (she did get
new treats that are long gone)

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King Family said...

Looks like you all had a great Christmas!