Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Felix Lights

So last night at dinner the kids asked if we could go to see the "Dancing Lights" after dinner. Hubby and I looked at each other and thought that sounded like a super idea. Plus it's always nice to have a bribe to get the kids totally motivated to get all nighttime stuff done and in their PJ's all ready for bed. So after they were in PJ's teeth brushed, etc...we headed off to the

Felix Family Lights!!

turn up your sound!! this is the 2007 show (there's more stuff this year as usual)

Now I show this video for multiple reasons First, it's AWESOME!! If you are able, take a donation. There is a donation box at the end of the culdesac. The couple areteachers and walk on a relay for life team and all the money raised goes to Relay for Life -pocket change adds up!!

BUT the REAL REASON I post this video is, IF you do go...WATCH and learn how to park. It's simple really, but if you've never been before you might not think of it unless you see someone else do it and then you may block other's view or you might get frustrated yourself at not being able to see all that's going on in the show.

I will say a Monday night was the PERFECT time to go, the culdesac was full, but there wasn't a long line -the whole show is about 15-20 min I'd guess and I encourage you to see the whole thing because it's all different and fun! If it's too crowded we've been known to just pull out and go back the next night. all info should be on his site, but if not and you want directions from here...leave me a comment with your email address and I'll let you know how we go.

He runs it til 10:30 on weeknights and 11:30 Fri and Sat...on weekends Santa will be making periodic appearances.


hope you are enjoying some wonderful times filled with memory making with your little ones...our fun has just begun but saying "YES" instead of "you need to get to bed" was so fun and SOOO worth it for their smiles and singing Carols together in the car!! Oh in our home, it's tradition for the kids to wear their PJ's to go....last night hubby did too!! Life is fun!!!

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