Saturday, December 13, 2008

My parents. They live just a few miles away and for some reason I'm the world's worst at having them over. I know crazy huh..? good reason!! Not a single one. I adore my parents, I think they are the best ever and I love having them so close and a big part of our lives. My husband adores them they adore friction there...we just rarely have them over...stinky I know. And I am wanting to do better!! I think it has something to do with some crazy mindset that when they come over my house should be perfect (and when my Mother reads that she will either cringe or exclaim outloud how unnecessary that is! hee hee!) - nope, they don't expect that...just some silly notion in my head.
So when the kids suggested we have them over for dinner so they could read them their stories they wrote this week. Hubby and I thought that was a SUPER idea and called them immediately!

While on the phone inviting MaryKyle informed me to tell them to 'dress up'
Of course GrandMama and GrandPapa obliged. We ate on our Christmas china, used the crystal, had candles as the kids proclaimed they wanted it to be a "fancy dinner"

The dinner menu they selected was:


shrimp bites

(MaryKyle made them)

brie fondue

(everyone agreed it was better with the apples then the bread, since I can't eat apples, I have no clue, but this was john Mark's menu request)

Main Course

Grilled marinated pork tenderloin

steamed sugar snap peas (kids favorite)

twice baked potatoes

homemade yeast rolls


Christmas tree brownies

with whipped cream and sprinkles

(we just made them and lined the pan with parchment paper, lifted it out and cut the brownies with a cookie cutter in the shape of Christmas trees. MK made the brownies, John Mark did the cutting. We hadn't planned a dessert at all actually til about an hour before they were to arrive the kids decided we needed a dessert)
I didn't get a single picture...arrgghh!! Daddy did get a picture of MK with one of her shrimp appetizers she made...this was was done quickly so she could eat it (the kid could eat pounds and pounds of shrimp)...the ones she served, she put two shrimp on to form a heart and then green onions were added for
"Christmas colors"
We had a nice visit and enjoyed so much having Grandmama and Papa over.
and you know what?? I didn't even dust!!

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