Tuesday, December 23, 2008

ready or not....Christmas Time is here

This past weekend we headed to N'ville. We had little battery juice in our camera so didn't take many pictures over the whole weekend, but we did capture this early Christmas present! We surprised the kids and took them to ICE! At Opryland. It's 6 degrees inside and this is the last year for the Grinch theme. The kids still didn't know when we got there what we were doing. So when we walked in they just saw Grinch signs and until we leaned down and pointed out everying was made from Ice they still weren't too sure...above is their first reactions...sitting, touching rubbing, jumping up and down...amazed!! They ran from one thing to the next just AMAZED...We got lots of video footage, but again...dying batteries didn't allow for too many pictures, but we got a few....video to come later hopefully of the ICE slide, etc!! It was a fun night...albeit COLD!! But family and friends had prepared us so we dressed appropriately and the coats they give you helped tons. But then outside in 10 degrees with wind...about froze us walking to the car!


Daddy and the kids modeling the lovely blue coats everyone is given before entering...it's a sea of blue!! And as you enter you are directed to watch your children closely as it's VERY easy to lose them since everyone looks alike. We did see one Daddy who had lost his son and I truly just couldn't imagine the feeling since everyone from behind and with hoods up from the front somewhat...looked just alike! He did find him though!!

Feasting with the Who's!

The End of the Grinch - the kids were so disappointed
it was over.

But then we walked out the door and into another area where there was a nativity scene all in ice.

Instead of "whoville music" there was a recording telling the story of the birth of Jesus...to which MK was sure to tell the employee who collected our coats as we exited "um...your Jesus story is not quite right, it says the wisemen followed the star to the stable and saw the baby Jesus in swaddling clothes, but he was in a house and around two years old when the wisemen finally got to him according to the Bible" hee hee!! The lady kind of looked at her a bit baffled at first and said "well you are exactly right!"
It was pretty, even if it wasn't Biblically accurate, we could certainly appreciate the work put into making the ice look so beautiful! That's not us by the way in front, just another Mom and kids sporting lovely blue coats!
MaryKyle proclaimed the surprise the "BEST CHRISTMAS PRESENT EVER" granted she makes proclamations like that quite easily! But we did all have a wonderful evening together as a family laughing and enjoying Whoville!!

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