Monday, December 8, 2008

So last night was "Cookies and Milk with Santa" at church after worship. You see out of all the churches and congregations in the entire world SANTA loves ours most and comes all the way from the north pole to worship with us each service!! He must worship somewhere right?

So each year he is sweet enough to ensure around his regular 'gigs' to plan a special time for our kiddos at church who get to love on him all year long!

I made these red velvet Cupcake Pops as my treat to take. They turned out okay for doing them pretty quick that afternoon since I didn't get to do it after the parade as I had hoped and planned (WAY too tired and Alabama and Florida were playing after all!)They are oh so yummy and always a matter what shape I make them in (even bloody brain smiley faces...ha ha...remember that?)

some friends joined us....although the only ones I got pictures of were Armida, Sebastian, and Alex....sorry guys!!

Me and Mrs C....LOVE her!!

Did you know Santa is a photographer on the side and wins contests with his beautiful photos? Well Mrs C too for that matter....but this is what hubby and Mr C did forever after the event as others cleaned and I dozed...talked Cameras!!

truly they are the best to do this for all the little ones at church (And their friends) since all these little ones are totally convinced they worship with the REAL Mr C, it would be odd to take them to the mall or somewhere to another one!! He rushes from his gig at the Marietta Square each year to make it just in time to sit down and we start snapping!!

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EmileeHopeBinkleyTurner said...

Wow! It looks like y'all had a really full weekend! (but it looks like it was a ton of fun as well!) I love this time of year!!