Thursday, December 11, 2008

so I've not said much about homeschooling lately...although really every moment in our home is a teaching moment. Take today...I had MK in charge of holding the coupons at Kroger. While going from item to item we identified the price, the sale price, the coupon amount and if it would be doubled or not - and then what we would pay for it. The kids couldn't believe how much money we were saving by buying sale items with a coupon. They were just as excited as me at the register when they said the amount we'd saved!!

a simple page in their grammar book led us to two days working on some creative writing. It was just supposed to be some sentences using I and me correctly. But when they ugggheed and "I don't know what to write" etc....and when Mommy wouldn't TELL them what to write...they started brainstorming and got so so excited and involved in it we just kept working and then worked more on it the next day....I couldn't believe how much fun they had with it and how hard they worked. John Mark took such time and effort in even just making his final draft as neat as he could with correct spelling and punctuation and perfect handwriting!!

Oh this has been a week when hubby and I look at each other and smile and are ever so thankful,once again,for our decision to teach them at home....tomorrow we/they are cooking a 'fancy' dinner and having Grandmama and Papa over so they can read their stories to them and show them the illustrations they did to go with them!! They are so excited and planning and working to make sure it's all just perfect!! SO fun!!

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