Saturday, December 27, 2008

Happy 3rd B'day my beautiful angel girl!

a few days after your official 'birth' day
(5 to be exact...this is your first time to worship)

First Birthday

We didn't have much time to pull a celebration off (long story) and MaryKyle, John Mark and you had been so so sick. So Grandmama ran all around town while I nursed everyone and helped me pull off a fun celebration (fortunately on your big day everyone was finally WELL!)!! I even got the cake pulled together in a VERY short amount of time (don't look too close)!! We ate spaghetti for dinner and celebrated you that day and were so so thankful to be spending that special day with you!

Second Birthday

why is 'Bubba' wearing his PJ's??? I can't remember...hmm....he had a shirt that matched your dresses with a puppy dog on it...who knows? We got a call that morning that you weren't going to be at the house with us that day, we had to rearrange plans a bit (the joys of foster parenting). We had cupcakes and pumpkin waffles with cinnamon apples (one of your faves) after church that Sunday night so Grandmama and Papa could be with us! (you've just blown a kiss in the picture...that's your kisses face)!

at two you loved babydolls so this was just the perfect gift from G'mama and Papa...look at that smile!

you loved the steam sound on your iron!! You would push that button over and over (and over and over)

Today we will be thanking God for you once again...Since we aren't able to celebrate your 3rd year with you, we are spending the day together as a family...doing fun things to fill our day with smiles and prayers focused on you! We pray that you are having yet another HAPPY HAPPY b'day filled with smiles, love and laughter...and, of course, CAKE!!!

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Anonymous said...

Happy, Happy Birthday Angel! It's hard to believe she is 3 now! I still pray too. It's so much fun to "remember when". I know God is watching her every step.
Happy New Year!